My Priorities

Healthy Environment

Clean air, pristine water, amazing biodiversity and outstanding natural and urban environment.

  • Maintain and enhance the investment in Nelson Nature and Project Mahitahi/Maitai

  • Increase protection for our waterways and improve fresh water quality beyond the minimum standards. 

  • Implement "sensing" technology that offers real-time information about issues such as traffic, water quality and air pollution.

  • Initiatives to reduce waste and remove barriers to increasing the rates of recycling

  • Implementation of sustainable e-waste recycling and organic green waste collection

Caring Community

Taking care of people, addressing housing affordability and ensuring our city is safe and inclusive. 

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive local housing strategy

  • Create opportunities to increase housing affordability in Nelson.

  • Implement a local alcohol policy

  • Maintain public ownership of council community housing

  • Boosting the regional economy by focusing on new technologies, community events, active recreation, local arts and culture based around innovative central business district.

Smart Planning

Thoughtful planning and sustainable development so Nelson is the best place to live, work and play; now and for future generations.

  • Address the impacts of climate change and natural hazards.

  • Fostering healthy, vibrant and diverse communities with residential developments that offer housing choices suited to a wide range of people and their families.

  • Valuing our heritage and maintaining the unique aspects of Nelson’s urban and built environment.

  • Roll out of Whakamahere Whakatu/Nelson Plan as an example of exemplary planning with wide community support.

Investing in Infrastructure

 A confident city willing to invest in its future for the benefit of all residents and ratepayers.

  • Focus on the projects that will generate wide-ranging benefits for the social, economic and environmental vitality of Nelson and the wider region.

  • Continue taking a risk based approach to upgrading storm water and flood protection infrastructure.

  • Commencement of the Rocks Road shared pathway.

  • Start development of the Haven Precinct and the City to Sea link.

  • Investing in efficient well connected public transport system and increase the uptake of public transport.

  • Expand cycling and walking network.

Wise Spending

 Doing what needs to be done and delivering value.

  • Re-prioritise and reduce elements of operational spending.
  • Dispose of assets generating sub-optimal returns.
  • Maintain the Council’s ownership in Port Nelson, Nelson Airport and Nelmac for the benefit of ratepayers.
  • Develop new ways of funding capital investment.
  • Effective business planning and project management to ensure projects are on budget, on schedule and within scope.
  • Maintain and seek to improve the Council’s AA+ credit rating.